Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Promaster Build- Mostly complete!

Due to trips and work obligations (ha! maybe the first time I've said that), we had a very small window of time to build the van.  We were able to get the van mostly done in 10 days of hard work.  Thankfully, we had my brother on board to help.  He is an engineer, owns every tool ever made, and is good at everything.  He was indispensable on this project.  The only major project we didn't complete was installing our wood stove, which will have to wait until this winter.  Hopefully it won't be too cold in between now and then!  When I built out Silas, I did it as quickly and cheaply as possible.  We put a lot more money and effort into Pedro.  I thought the Sprinter was tricky because of the curved walls, but boy the Promaster is SO HARD to work in.  There is not one straight line in there, no square walls, and no flat spots that don't have random bumps.  We tried to pre-plan how we built everything, but ended up just making everything up as we went along to accommodate all the weird shapes and things that we had to work around.  Here is the basic process:

Day 1: Windows.  You can check out my previous blog for more details on installing the windows.

Day 2: Planning and bed frame.

 Day 3: Framing of pony wall (eventual location of wood stove), bench

 Day 4: Frame up of tall cabinet

Day 5: Over-bed cabinet which is a bookshelf and slider cabinet

Day 6: Kitchen cabinets

Day 7: Doors and latches on cabinets, initial kitchen frame, begin siding, air-tight propane cabinet

Day 8: Drawers installed under bed and faced with steel, more siding installed, kitchen drawers built

Day 9: Install the rest of the siding, all electrical, kitchen counter, backsplash

Day 10: Finish up odds and ends and hit the road!

Completed van pictures in the next post!


  1. what did you use for the vent on the roof? any suggestions for a solar powered vent fan that can charge fro night use to keep things cool?

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